Turquoise is an opaque mineral composed of copper and aluminum that has a vast history of use in jewelry and ornamentation that stretches back thousands of years. It can be found inlaid on the burial mask of King Tut, on the the knives, shields and fetishes of the Aztecs, as architectural ornamentation in the Taj Mahal, and engraved with devotionals by the Persians. The Navajo of the American Southwest used turquoise as an amulet that was believed to give an archer perfect aim. Turquoise is sensitive to chemicals, such as hairspray and perfume; it is recommended that you put on your turquoise jewelry after the use of such items. The silver in your turquoise piece can be polished with a chemically-treated polishing cloth, but be sure not to polish the stone. The stone can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. Do not store turquoise in an airtight container, direct sunlight or wear to the beach.

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