Mother of Pearl

Nacre, or mother of pearl, is a composite of organic and inorganic material produced by some mollusks. Nacre refers to the iridescent inner layer of the shell. Pearls and freshwater pearls are also made of nacre. Nacre has a wide array of uses ranging from buttons, to caviar spoons, to mosaics, to ornamentation of musical instruments and jewlery. It is a durable, resilient material.

The silver of your mother of pearl piece can be cleaned with a chemically-treated polishing cloth, but be sure not to polish the nacre. The nacre can be cleaned with a soft, wet cloth. It is sensitive to chemicals such as purfume and hairspray; it is recommended you put on your jewlery after the use of such items. Mother of pearl benefits from your natural oils so the best thing you can do for it is to wear it!

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